Helping Bring Back Power to the Communities

Our Heart in Unity


Lake Manitoba First Nation, Grassroots Movements, Idle No More Manitoba and Allies would like to invite you and all of the community to participate in this journey.  We will be leaving Lake Manitoba on June 30th, 2014 12:00 PM and arrive in Winnipeg on July 4th 2014The purpose of this walk is to bring the community members together to consult with them having a voice in regards to the continued suppression of our people and future generations.  The focus is consultation and transparency of all Chief and Council, and the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs. As a First Nation people we are faced with many obstacles and oppression daily from prejudices and injustices, also included in our agenda of issues is the Missing and murdered indigenous Women 1181 to Child and family Services Our voices must be heard.

Chris Swan, Kylo Prince of Long Plain First Nation, Along with Richard Berens of Berens River First Nation will be walking from Lake Manitoba First Nation to Winnipeg Parliament grounds.

If you would like to support or participate please call after 7pm, either
Chris 204-798-7108 or
Lorraine 204-998-1694

Monetary donations can also be made:
Chequing account
Transit # 00937, Institution # 010, Account # 8760837

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