EARTH DEMOCRACY with Vandana Shiva – Saturday March 29, 2013

Calling all citizens and community leaders!In the spirit of decentralized knowledge-sharing and radical self-education, you are invited to host renowned environmental activist Dr. Vandana Shiva for a LIVESTREAM TEACH-IN in your community on Saturday, March 29th, as she gives a free public lecture on Earth Democracy.Earth Democracy is the world-view that we as humans can be part of a healthy planet, but we must take action to protect peace and swaraj (sovereignty) for all living beings:
Let us learn about our right to water, our right to seed and to food, and our right to life.vandanashivafinal-web-300x463

There is no lecture hall or community centre with the capacity to hold everyone who should hear her inspirational and empowering message. To over come this hurdle, we will be Livestreaming her lecture, filmed from a hub location in Winnipeg, Manitoba to be accessed over the Internet from other locations near and far. Whether a large community gathering, or a small homebased get-to-gether there is no limitation to the number of people who can access this Livestream!

To further reinforce our community ties, we encourage you to celebrate the diversity of those foods that are at risk of becoming “forgotten” in this time of genetic modification and processing, and to HOST A FEAST of your own forgotten foods during your community’s screening of the webinar and share photos of your feast on our Tumblr page for all to see. If your spring feast happens before this day, we welcome you to share this as well. Feasting gets underway at 5:00pm CST.

WHEN: Saturday, March 29th at 7:30pm CST.
WHERE: your community!
HOW: via Livestream and Tumblr

To sign up for hosting a Livestream teach-in for your community or organization and to receive our decentralized teach-in kit or for more information about Dr. Shiva, Powers House Producers, Earth Democracy, or the March 29th event in Winnipeg,


And stay tuned to this event page for a Livestream location near you!
Winnipeg, Manitoba
U of W campus
Hosted by Institute of Women’s and Gender Studies (IWGS) & Womyn’s Centre

Here is a poster and a web file for your use.

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