Winnipeg Water Wednesday’s: “We’re Back!”

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In the summer of 2013, when Idle No More called for actions to protect the land and Water, Winnipeggers responded with “Winnipeg Water Wednesdays”. After our successful 10 week long 2013 campaign finished, we are proud to debut Water Wednesday’s once again for 2014!

We’re Back!

Idle No More Winnipeg & Got Bannock are inviting the public to learn about water issues and participate in solutions to protect water for all people in Winnipeg and the world. We will share resources, have speakers, create art projects and have a different action every week to talk about this issue. In a new twist this year, we will also be collecting donations every week for GOT BANNOCK?, supporting Althea Guiboche “The Bannock Lady” as she continues to feed the hungry in honour of the village we once had. We want to work towards concrete SOLUTIONS to improve the safety of our water for future generations, so we invite any group that is concerned with water issues to join us, or even to host a Water Wednesday later in the summer. We also want to CREATE an ongoing art project, last year we created the “WATER IS LIFE BANNER” [pictured below]


photo credit – wpg alternative media

Partners Needed

We cannot do this alone. Our first Water Wednesday on June 11th, 2014 was a great success – and we kicked off our event with spirit, praying, playing with bubbles, singing, dancing and sharing ideas for future actions and activities. We are looking for TWO GROUPS EACH WEEK to help us mobilize their networks and the broader public in getting involved in local water issues. We have previously partnered with youth groups, radio stations, unions, business, bands, individuals and other water warriors to support one another in our mission to protect the water. If you are interested in partnering with Water Wednesday please do not hesitate to send an email to idlenomoremanitoba [at] gmail [dot] com, or simply show up!

More information on WHY we feel WWW is so important can be found here:

For the ongoing Facebook event for 2014, click here:


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