Bills & About the Federal Government

Information on this page relates most to Idle No More Manitoba themes:


Guide to the Canadian House of Commons

This federal government page describes the different parts of the Canadian Parliament:  House of Commons (elected Members of Parliament), the Senate (members are appointed, not elected) and the Queen (represented by the Governor General).

There is also a basic chart that shows how these parts relate to one another and where the Courts fit into the picture.

Legislation (aka Bills and Laws)

How Federal Laws in Canada Are Made… or How a Bill Becomes a Law

This site provides an easy-to-read chart that shows the steps that are taken for a bill to become a law.

This page provides a more detailed description of how bills become laws and also includes a chart with the steps.

Finding information about proposed legislation (bills)

The Government House Leader is the Member of Parliament (from the political party that is leading the country) responsible for managing the new legislation (bills) that the Government introduces, hoping they become federal law.  The site of the Government House Leader has up-to-date information about government bills.

A list of bills proposed or signed into law:  this page, off the Government House Leader’s site, give you a plain, easy-to-read list of bills that the Government has proposed or that have been signed into law.

Finding out where a bill is in the process along the way to becoming a law.  This Progress Chart lets you easily track the progress of a bill.  Each bill needs to have 3 readings in the House of Commons (HoC) and 3 in the Senate.  After the readings it receives Royal Assent and becomes federal law in Canada.

Find and read current Bills (legislation) proposed by the federal government

The page gives you up-to-date information and lets you see which bills are working their way to possibly become federal laws.  It provides more detail than the pages above and it lets you read the full text of bills.

Find your MP

This page lets you enter your postal code (if you don’t know your postal code find out what it is here) to find out who is your Member of Parliament.  You will see their full contact information.

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