More Info to Check Out!

There is a ton of information out there about issues facing Indigenous peoples living in Canada.  Here is a list of sites and sources that are widely read or that link you to even more information.

Indigenous section on Rabble media site

Rabble is a media website focused on all kinds of social justice issues – from poverty to the environment to unions to Indigenous rights.  The site has a whole section that brings together all of their content related to Indigenous peoples in Canada.  You will find blog posts, short articles and more.

Indigenous Nationhood

This is the website of activist and professor Pamela Palmater.  There are many sections of this site with useful information.  A major focus is on legislation (current and historical) and on Indigenous identity and status.

Blog by Chelsea Vowell, Plains Cree and Métis living in Montreal.  Culture, politics, women, current events and more.

Intercontinental Cry

News, information and analysis about Indigenous issues around the world.  Here is the section about Canada.

Decolonization: Indigineity,  Education and Society

Website for an academic journal about decolonization. You can read the full articles for free.

Also, check out the journal’s blog.  It has great posts about peoples’ journeys, and about learning new teachings and asking new questions – there’s even poetry!

Blog by Olthuis Kleer Townsend law firm 

This is a blog written by lawyers with experience with Indigenous issues.  It is written in clear language and provides current information and comments about a lot of relevant issues such as treaties, Aboriginal Title and federal government audits of First Nations (including Attawapiskat) and more.

Winnipeg Public Library – Recommended Websites

The Winnipeg Public Library has a page of “recommended websites” about First Nations, Métis and Inuit topics and issues.  The information is split up into categories such as Political Organizations, Women, Residential Schools Treaties and  more.


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