The Land (Environment)

Information on this page relates most to Idle No More Manitoba themes:


Advocacy for Protecting the Land

Defenders of the Land (group)
In March, 2013 Idle No More and Defenders of the Land made a joint statement calling for intensified and increased action against the federal government, including “mass non-violent direct action” and the participation of non-Indigenous peoples.

About Defenders of the Land
“Defenders of the Land, a network of Indigenous communities and activists in land struggle across Canada, including Elders and youth, women and men, was founded at a historic meeting in Winnipeg from November 12-14, 2008,” more here.

Issue:  Tar/Oil Sands and Pipelines

How things work:  Canada’s oil sands
What are the oil sands, really?  This page from the United Nations give a clear explanation about how the oil/tar sands work and why they are damaging to the environment.  Useful videos are included.

Dirty Oil Sands:  Uncovering the Canadian Oil Sands Disaster
Dirty Oil Sands is a network of over 50 environmental groups, First Nations communities and other land holders who have the goal of stopping oil sands development.  This site bring together a lot of information about the tar/oil sands:  images, reports, latest news and more.

Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign  by the Polaris Institute.  This campaign is focused on providing support to First Nations communities who are fighting against tar sands or pipeline projects. This site brings together a huge amount of information about the oil/tar sands.  You will find maps of pipelines, information about health impacts and more.

Issue:  Mining

Mining and Manitoba

In March, 2013 Chief Arlen Dumas of Mathias-Colomb Cree Nation was taken to court (along with others) by Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting for bringing and standing with “stop work orders” to the company’s Lalor Lake mining site.

Here is a list of videos about the Mathis-Colomb Cree Nation actions.

On March 20, 2013 Manitoba judge Glen Joyal granted Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting an injunction that says the Cree Nations cannot stop work at the mining site.

Advocacy against mining

Mining Watch Canada is an organization that provides information about the environmental damage and human rights violations committed by Canadian-owned mining companies, both in Canada and in other countries.

This Mining Watch Canada page gives you a list of articles about the activities of the Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting/Minerials Inc. company.

2 thoughts on “The Land (Environment)

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  2. Am with you. Need factual info. Have in mindsmall learning groups that will burgeon into providing info to counter current false ideas of what constitutes the wealth and health of a nation. THIS LEADS TO INFORMED ACTION. ……please keep me i the loop of your wisdom and learning….Gratefully Jean Palmer Am in Osborne Village Winnipeg.

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