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Welcome to the LEARN section of our website!

We have tried to gather information that can be found online that we think is helpful for learning about different types of issues.

Connections to the Idle No More Manitoba themes
At the top of each LEARN page we have put some of the INM Manitoba themes.  We recognize that all of the themes relate to and support each other but for these pages we have just chosen the themes that that we think relate the most to the topic of the page.

One theme that you won’t find mentioned on the individual LEARN pages is Spiritual Wisdom & Guidance.  This can be seen as the most important INM Manitoba theme and should always be kept in mind. We encourage you to approach elders and ask questions, participate in ceremony and let your spirit guide you.

1 - spiritual wisdom guidance

You will find pages about:  Bills & About the Federal Government, The Royal Proclamation, The Constitution & The Indian Act, Water, The Land (Environment), Treaties, Missing and Murdered Women, Residential Schools, Aboriginal (Land) Title, Road Maps, and More Info to Check Out.

How We Choose What to Post
Our focus in selecting the websites and pages we link to is:

  • the website/page needs to be as “stable” as we can find (that is, not something that looks like it might disappear!);
  • the information needs to be presented/written in as clear a way as we can find.  We want the greatest number of people to be able to read and understand the information;
  • the information presented needs to be practical (an example: learning how a bill becomes a law) or help to answer questions about topics we hear a lot about or that are in the news (for example:  information about treaties, mining, or residential schools).One last note:  You will see some links to the websites of different organizations.  Unless we have explicitly stated otherwise, our linking to these websites does not mean we endorse the organization.

    Enjoy learning, and remember:  share what you know!

7 thoughts on “Learn

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  5. Hello. Is there an avenue of entry or welcome that non-native people can choose on order to support INM that really helps? I think there are many who just do not want to do the “wrong thing”, so until it is widely circulated as to a good approach, it may be too slow getting support from all people in Canada for a great movement.

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