Residential Schools

Information on this page relates most to Idle No More Manitoba themes:


Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was created as part of the Government of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement.  The Commission works to document residential school experiences and to provide a forum for healing and education about the history of residential schools.

Indian Residential Schools Settlement – Official Court Website

The settlement has been approved, but this site has decisions about specific schools, the text of the Settlement Agreement and more.

We Were Children (film)

In March, 2013 APTN aired a film about the residential school experience.  This link lets you watch the full film (about 90 minutes long).  There is also a video of a panel about the film.

*Note:  the content of the film may be difficult for many people to watch.  The APTN site includes the phone number for the Indian Residential School Crisis Line.


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