Information on this page relates most to Idle No More Manitoba themes:


Water access in First Nations communities

The Winnipeg Free Press has a large story/research section called “No Running Water” that provides information about the poor access to water that many First Nations communities face.  The story and information are about communities in Manitoba.

Advocacy for protecting the water

The Council of Canadians organization does a lot of advocacy work about water – both about access to clean water and about protecting water sources.

The David Suzuki Foundation website also has a section about water advocacy.

The Polaris Institute is another Canadian organization that does advocacy work in this area.  This page provides information about campaigns and issues related to water.

The Lake Winnipeg Foundation is an organization concerned about the damaged ecosystem of Lake Winnipeg.

UN Water (United Nations)
This site has a huge amount of information about water as a world-wide concern.  You can search for information about Canada or Manitoba using their search box.  You will also find information about World Water Day.


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