Community Member calls out Siouxper Drunk design company (Custom Ink)


Shortly after the story broke online regarding the “SIOUXPER DRUNK” one of the Idle No More members sent several emails to Custom Ink – the printing company requesting answers to the following questions:

What actions are being done so this sort of thing won’t occur in future?

What disciplinary measures are being taken to those staff who allowed this very blatant racism to ‘slip’ by?


Initially, the company rep directed us to this statement released by Custom Ink ( in bold below) which, did not answer the question. Upon further repetition of our questions, we recieved this response:

Thank you for emailing in your inquiry. I apologize for the delayed response as well as for this whole ordeal. Our official statement is as Summer sent yesterday:

We are very sorry about this offensive design. CustomInk’s business is focused on bringing people together in positive ways. We handle hundreds of thousands of custom t-shirt designs each year and have people review them to catch problematic content – including anything that’s racially or ethnically objectionable – but we missed this one. We apologize for any pain or offense caused by this shirt, and we will continue to improve our review processes to make them better.

I understand this didn’t answer your questions, so I would be happy to direct you to our official email alias for inquiries like this:

I apologize again for the delayed response.


Brian Jameson
T-shirt Ambassador
CustomInk Service/Sales
sales: 800-293-4232
direct: 855-296-6742

Mon-Fri: 8am – 11pm
Sat: 10am – 6pm
Sun: 10am – 9pm
(all times easter



One thought on “Community Member calls out Siouxper Drunk design company (Custom Ink)

  1. Reblogged this on Wilo Can Do ANYting!! and commented:
    I wish the photos weren’t being reposted again We should not feed the trolls these young people actually did this for the purpose of media attention to photos give them that.
    Miigwech INM for posting THE TRUTH

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