Water Wednesday’s Continue to Flow

water wed event banner week 2

Winnipeg’s Water Wednesday’s positive activities and awareness about water initiatives at the Memorial Park Fountain continue to flow!The day’s activities began with an appearance on Streetz 104.7fm with AYO’s North End MC speaking to the legendary Miss Melissa Spence and the hilarious Paul Raubliaskas. They invited Streetz listeners to come to the Memorial Park Fountain at 5pm and hear Paul (who is also a comedian) come and share some words. We discovered that Paul had personal experiences in his own community when water trucks were delayed and (according to Paul) that Miss Melissa used to go swimming in the Memorial Park Fountain.

Water Wednesday feat. Streetz & AYO! (Click here for FB photos)

We all met at the fountain at 5pm and began our gathering with prayer and smudge. Once again, there were all ages and nations present and all were excited to participate in the day’s activities. We began our day hearing from Paul [VIDEO COMING SOON] about how he feels about water issues in our city and how it affects all of us. It is nice to see local media participating in the movement, so shout out to Streetz 104.7fm for working with us on this!


The next part of our night was a surprise! At the same time as our gathering, there were an equal number (50 or so) people in line on the other side of the fountain for the beginning of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. Since they were in the same space as us and about to go to a musical festival, we felt it would be appropriate to go over and wish them a good weekend/camping experience….and of course educate them about why we were there. This was complete with an invitation for their participation in future weeks, a smudge and hand drum songs from our beautiful women. The crowd seemed very pleased and many expressed their support for our cause. As we were leaving, we made this invitation video for Water Wednesday’s.

Next, we returned to the other side of the fountain (and the shade) for the AYO! portion and unraveled a giant roll of canvas. As a group, we decided that we wanted to make an image that we could all participate in and handed out paintbrushes, markers and various shades of blue paint. We asked one of the many children in attendance to begin the drawing process, and were honoured to have one of our grandmother’s chickadee even paint her feet and walk with our banner. Now, we made some great progress (as you can see below) but we must finish this banner with other colours than blue next week.

Speaker’s Corner

Don’t forget to check out the Winnipeg Water Wednesday’s SPEAKER’S CORNER page on their website. Each week you can come to these events and have a 30 second (or more or less) statement recorded and shared through our website. Thank you to all of the individuals who participated in our Speaker’s Corner so far, you are appreciated.

Next Week

We will see you all again at the fountain next week. We will continue our painting adventure and hear from some speakers from Shoal Lake – the place where the City of Winnipeg recieves its water from. If you know any of the details around that story, you will know that Shoal Lake 39 and 40 have not had access to clean themselves in recent years. This is not right, join us next week.

Water is Life.


One thought on “Water Wednesday’s Continue to Flow

  1. Water Wednesdays are awesome!!
    Get the message out we are all affected by the damage to the Earth’s Life Blood WATER!

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