Spirit of the Drum – March 20th, 2013

spirit of the drum winnipeg

Join us on March 20th, 2013 for an event calling on all Nations of Mother Earth to come together in peace. In collaboration with Idle No More, The Turtle Lodge, Our Mother Earth Constitution (citizens of IMAGINE NATION), we are connecting the people to experience the spiritual power of the Drum, common to all cultures. The Drum is a universal heartbeat that is heard worldwide. The Drum takes a message of peace and delivers it into the hearts of all people.


Special Performances by Sagkeengs Finest, Shy-Anne Hovorka, BODM, and Showcasing the Taiko Drums, the African Drums, the Celtic Drums and the First Nation Host Drum Red Shadow Singers, along with many more!!!!!!!

We invite all to bring your Hand Drums and share in honouring the heart beat of Mother Earth.

Our First Nations people believe we are witnessing an awakening that is being influenced by the spirit in Nature itself. Nature has been waiting for us to become unified, in our unique and distinctive ways, which represent the whole of the human family.

We call on all people who walk on Mother Earth to stand up and speak collectively on her behalf. “We stand together, united, and in Solidarity” Please Contact Brandi at spiritofthedrumevent@gmail.com
Get your tickets at 398 Portage Avenue at the Urban Bakery or 45 Robinson at the Indian & Metis Friendship Centre. Tickets are 5.00, and they are to help us pay for sound, lighting, techs, etc.


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