Skownan Youth walk to create awareness on the future of Mother Earth!


Press Release:

Skownan Youth walk to create awareness on the future of Mother Earth!

Today, Skownan First Nation Youth representative Victor Thomas has embarked on a journey to help the Idle No More movement in creating awareness on the dangers being created by the Canadian governments’ imposition of Bill C-45. This legislation has opened the majority of waterways in Canada to complete exploitation by resource based industries and superficial regulatory supervision in Canada.
Mr. Thomas is exercising his inherent obligations by bringing attention to the threat of long term pollution which will cause environmental damages and deny all our future generations the human right to live in healthy nurturing environments with clean air, lands and water. We the leadership of the Skownan First Nation are urging First Nations citizens and the Canadian public at large to walk with this youth and stand in solidarity with him and all who join him in his walk to ensure that the integrity of Mother Earth is maintained and we must all work together in regaining the balance with Mother Earth so we can all survive for as long as the sun shines, the grasses grow and the waters flow!
Victor Thomas and other youth who will join him leave the Skownan First Nation today and will be travelling from Skownan First Nation to highway six to Winnipeg at which time they will be speaking to media about their issues and concerns for the future of all life on Mother Earth!
I urge all First Nations and the Canadian public at large to join our youth in this sacred walk for Mother Earth and all our futures. You can also show support by creating awareness for this sacred walk on social media to educate the world on the importance of protecting Mother Earth for future generations to enjoy!


Chief Cameron Catcheway
Skownan First Nation


The text for this post was taken from the event on Facebook – click here to see.join/share the event!


One thought on “Skownan Youth walk to create awareness on the future of Mother Earth!

  1. Right now Victor Thomas and his Mother Melinda are near Kenora after departing Winnipeg on Thursday March 27, 2013 for a trek to Ottawa!

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